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Vladislav Davidzon – Showing Light Towards Saving

The process of saving in the wider aspect:

IMG_3040Saving is caring! Though there might be some of the adages serving the purpose of this statement, the truth is that the more you save in a particular aspect of expending, the more care you can take about using the same for future use. The man behind the social conservation adaptation, Mr. Vladislav Davidzon, has created many such designs that would save the environment and also the way of living for the current world. The natural resource, the fertilizers which are manmade, when comparing both of these, the natural resource provided by the nature to us always sweeps the ‘trophy’! This man was bent upon letting people know about the importance of the natural resource, through regeneration. In this regard, he discovered that the ‘waste, which otherwise got piled up in the ground meant for the garbage had lot of uses if used with the therapy of technology. He is a social entrepreneur who dealt with the conversion of the waste into the resources that led to the base for the fertility of the soil and also enable other prospects of healthy environment across.


The intent of starting the Institute:

The most talked about, Regenerative Leadership Institute inc was set by him with the thought of providing the culture of saving and depicting the aspect of betterment of growth. His Institute covered most of the processes designed for the regeneration cycle, and it included permaculture concepts like the usage of ‘Organic Waste’ and ‘mulching’ which has the feature of helping the growth of crops and plants. The intention of sustainability was the main course of this design of regeneration. The team set by him worked together to know the in and out of the process and also training the students enrolled in the respective courses to go ahead and provide the best possible to the world.

The instructors who are experienced and appealing:

The institute has many branches throughout the world with a count of ranging to more than one hundred and ninety and more than thousands of students getting enrolled in the courses offered. Being attached to the various renowned instructors, Vladislav Davidzon has delivered most amazing teachings and has developed a new sector of reasoning in the process of the conservation of energy. There is a lot to discover in the field of saving the natural resources.With the system of recycling, you can deliver the best with the usage of the most effective ways that are prescribed under the methodology of conservation, which is indicated in the studies by the process of conservation methods like rain harvesting, Permaculture measures etc.

Goal in the process:

The institute is one, which provides many options of utilizing what has been stated as the worth of conservation of energy. The intention of the courses deal with the same and the propaganda of this have been done through the wide aspect of teaching in the various branches of institute, which is the first step of success.There are still miles to go ahead in the innovation of preserving the ecosystem, which very wisely taught in the institute by the intellectuals!

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Regenerative Leadership Institute – permaculture courses


Despite living in a world of industrialized production of food and where wars over oil are still being fought, there are more and more of those who are becoming aware of the importance of healthier living and sustaining the Earth. A discipline that is focused largely on preserving the Earth is permaculture, whose first principle is exactly taking care of the Earth, and the other two main principles include taking care of humans and returning of the surplus after using the resources. Starting off as “permanent agriculture”, permaculture has throughout the years switched to being more like “permanent culture” – since its principles can be applied not only to gardening and forestry, but to almost any aspect of living. The goal of permaculture is to create a fully self-sustaining entity, whether it is a garden, a park or a household, where renewable energy sources are used and natural patterns are carefully observed and copied. Organizing a household over permaculture principles means living in accordance with nature and working with it rather than against it.

Permaculture In 3 Minutes – Regenerative Leadership Institute from RegenerativeLeadership Institute on Vimeo.

img_0325 (1)This concept was invented not so long ago. It was only some forty years ago when Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren invented permaculture and gave it its name. However, despite being relatively new, permaculture relies on old techniques, known to the mankind from ancient times.

Ever since it was invented, permaculture has been gaining in popularity, so today there are numerous courses, video clips and books on the topic, whose number continues to grow. Vladislav Davidzon, a permaculture enthusiast and expert, founded an institute which offers permaculture courses for everyone. His Regenerative Leadership Institute has, for over a decade now, provided people with the knowledge of applying permaculture principles to their everyday lives and their job as well. The Institute offers three kinds of courses – a free online course, based on video materials, which requires nothing but registering onto the website. Then, there is a paid online course, also based on video materials, but the difference from a free course is that this one brings you an international certificate of permaculture design upon completion. The paid course also requires you to design your own permaculture project and to take a test after watching all the videos.


Other than online courses, there is also a live course, held in San Francisco during winter and in Eugene during summer. This course is somewhat different, since it involves many more aspects than just learning the permaculture principles “by the book”. First of all, this course is based on camping, which means you will be living much closer to the nature than you are used to. Then, all the attendees are split into teams, and each team cooks on different days, that part is called permaculture design manual, which teaches people live and function within a community and build healthy relationships with others. The attendees will also be made to spend a part of the time alone, in order to get to know themselves better and to learn to find their way in nature. Here the attendees will not have visual contact with others, but they will be contacted over phone on regular basis by the course leaders.


It may sound like the live course has nothing to do with permaculture – but it sure does. Permaculture is not only about planting and gardening, it is much more. It involves taking care of yourself and of people around you, living in accordance with nature, observing its patterns and listening what the nature has to say – and this is all possible to learn while taking this course.

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