Factors Influencing The Selection Of Mulch 

7MFIJianbUEuikQPIwdbLtVBDHU Mulch is not just mulch. There are specifics to each type of mulch, an these are vital in determining the mulch that is selected for a certain job. Ideally, you can use any type of mulch on any type of work that you wish to. Practically speaking however, that is a whole other issue. Experts in mulch and mulching techniques at Open Permaculture School and Regenerative Leadership Institute are better placed to assist you understand the dynamics of the same. For those who would wish to learn more on a highly professional level, they should enroll at the institute for better and more detailed learning. The factors that influence the selection of mulch include;


Mulch is applied in different areas for very different purposes. Each type of mulch has its own suitability to a certain function.

MulchWhile all types of mulch may be applicable in each and every area of application, there are some types that offer the best type and quality of functionality. For instance, rubber mulch is very well suited for use in a playground due to the elastic properties of rubber. It is also good for use in the garden setting since it provides good insulation, weed suppression and water retention properties. However, it does not decompose and therefore does not contribute to the nutritional value of the soil, as such, an organic mulch such as straw is best suited for gardening.


As stated earlier, each type of mulch has certain qualities which make it best suited for a specific area of application. Mulches are made from different substances, each of which bears different properties in comparison to another type of mulch. Similarly, each of these properties is best suited to serve a particular fucntion better than others. It is more or less like looking for the “X” factor in mulch. For example,as explained earlier, the elasticity of rubber makes it very well suited for use in playgrounds.


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