Re-use of garbage

We create garbage. It doesn’t matter how green you are you will create garbage it is a fact. But knowing how to use that garbage instead of just throwing it to become a part of a ever growing dumpsites that destroy our nature is a knowledge all of us should have and use.


Vladislav Davidzon with his nature courses had taught many how to re-use garbage, and that can help you. You can contact Regenerative Leadership Institute and gain further information about courses, permaculture design certificate and other things. And you can read this article that will in short show you what you can do with certain things that are garbage material.


Sheet mulching is a basic form of re-use of garbage. Any type of paper cardboxes that you are about to throw can be used. They are biodegradable, and they degrade quite fast. They can be used in making garden beds, growing food or any other thing a paper can be used, they degrade and make a good compost material.

Composting is a way of making homemade fertilizer for your garden. And you can use any biodegradable garbage to do it. Food leftovers and ingredient by-products, anything made out of paper, organic clothing and anything that will rot away.


Buying pots for planting flowers or food plants is a waste of money. All those jars, bottles and similar containers you buy can be re-used instead of planting pots. And they can be used as containers for your homemade food and seeds. In order to protect you melons from rotting you can use a bit sturdier garbage, water bottles and similar to plant and later keep your melons from laying on the ground and rotting.

 A lot of smaller jars can be used for storage of seeds from plants we use. It is ridiculous and plain stupid to buy seeds every time you want to plant a certain fruit or vegetable. Each and every one of those plants produce seeds, and if you storage them correctly you can plant them next time you want that certain plant growing again.

Pinpoint irrigating is a good way of giving your plants a steady influx with moisture and it can be done in lots of ways. You can use milk buckets which you would puncture in a few places place it in a ground and fill it with water. If holes are small as they should be they will release water at a slow and steady pace, just like plants want it to be.


You all throw away spent tea bags and coffee, but you shouldn’t do that. You can use them to deterring certain types of pests from your plants. Before doing it you should investigate about what can be used against what type of pest. Potting can be done in a biodegradable, eco and garbage assisted thing too. If you plant your seeds in paper items you can simple put them in the earth when you see that those plants are ready for it, and those cups will degrade in earth leaving no waste and saving your money you would have spent on pots.

These are but a few tricks you can use to re-use your garbage instead of throwing it. There are many more but you will have to search elsewhere for there and ask around.

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